A Devotion / David Wightman + Fran Giffard

Someth1ng Gallery, 52 Honor Oak Park, London
Wednesday 23 May to Saturday 09 June 2018

A Devotion was a two-person exhibition with Fran Giffard at Someth1ng Gallery, London. My whole artistic career has been devoted to collaging and painting imaginary landscapes while Fran Giffard has focused her artistic practice on drawing and painting beautiful birds. The exhibition was a celebration of our respective devotion to landscape and ornithology.

Top: David Wightman - Eve + Fran Giffard - Great Tit and Forgetmenot
Above: David Wightman - Phaedra iii + Fran Giffard - Bullfinch and Hydrangea

A Devotion / David Wightman + Fran Giffard - promotional videos by Jonny Guardiani